Dead End Radio is on the air!

Dead End Radio is a media service dedicated to streaming the Internet’s F’n Rock Station – K-IRB with daily programming, interactive requests, and non-stop programming.
 Dominic Forbes continues strongly with “The Soft Rock Classics Show”. But we’ve added Talk Radio Meltdown, a talk show based in Boston; Hard Rock Nights, a rock show with interviews each week; and Eastie’s Pub Quiz, an hour long show filled with fun and excitement.

Don’t forget – we’re still committed to rock and talk, with shows like the Big Dumb Fun Show and the Radio X show on our schedule for over four years, but we’ve been dedicating ourselves to streamlining the music format so we’re playing the greatest f’n rock tracks of all time.

We’re committed to you, too. That’s why we have our instant request feature up and running. Any time you want to hear a song, go ahead and make a request at the top of any page! It’s that simple.

You can also catch us at Fubar.com in the Anti-Lounge chat room. If you don’t have an account there, join up for free and then hang out in the Anti-Lounge any time, day or night!

Thank you for being a part of Dead End Radio, whether you’re a casual listener or someone dedicated to being a part of every show here. You are just as important to us as the DJs on the air here.